Seven Days Of Sincere Delight: Thoughtless Thursday

First of all, I’d absolutely agree with TipsyWriter in their post about Thursday. I too think it is a very under appreciated day. I do understand why however, it is not exactly a very outstanding day on many fronts. I think Thursday is quite comparable to Tuesday if you ask me, just a bit boring. Well let’s change that view!

Focusing on the second fact TipsyWriter mentioned; Thursday is named after the Norse God Thor.
Thor just happens to be a very mighty God in Norse mythology. I am aware that Thor is quite a well-known God, so I think it might not come as a shock to you that Thor was about as strong as a giant thanks to his size, strength and hammer. Which leads straight to his favourite hobby, killing giants – this would very stylistically speaking be a nice metaphor for you to kill the giants (or problems) that are bothering you, but it’s up to you how you take it. Thor was seen as the creator of order in the Chaos.

Now as I mentioned before, to get out of Tuesday’s boring rhythm, try and address something you have had trouble with for a while. Once you can address whatever has been disturbing you the past while, you can work on it! From experience, I know it gives quite a free, good feeling once you’ve worked on your worries and – to relate to Thor’s story – create order in your life. 🙂

Focusing on the seventh fact TipsyWriter mentioned; Thursday is associated with the colour Orange.
And Orange just so happens to be the colour that symbolises Enthusiasm, Happiness and Success amongst many others. Whatever way you’ll spend your Thursday, keep these in mind with whatever you do!


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